How Are Seo Links Evaluated by Google?

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Google measures the authority and the trust of your website by looking at your inbound links. When Google sees high-quality links coming back to your site, it rewards your website with a higher ranking. This, in turn, produces more visibility for your brand and traffic. Google doesn’t treat all links equally and can penalize a site for any type of link that looks like spam. In order to evaluate the links, Google uses its algorithm to weed out the bad from the good by determining the following factors:

Site Authority

Getting just one link from an established online publication or another highly-regarded website provides more benefit than a dozen links from a site that has just been created. Quality is definitely given higher weight than quantity so it’s important to reach for high-quality links – even if they may be harder to find.

The Destination of the Link

Make sure that the link is pointing back to a page that offers value to its visitors. The page content should also be relevant to the content provided in the link source.

Diversity of Your Links

Google will definitely examine your link profile to determine how diverse it is. Your website should have inbound links from various unique domains. Getting 5 links from one authoritative website won’t count the same as 5 links from different sites that have high domain authority.

Anchor Text

Make sure that your anchor text looks natural and avoid using text that is focused only on keywords. The text should be relevant to the page that it is linking to but avoid ‘keyword stuffing’ in your anchor text. Google may find it suspicious and not give you the rewards you seek for the link.

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