How Your Website’s Speed Can Affect Your Sales

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Do you ever browse a website and leave because the page is taking too long to load? We’ve all experienced this feeling. For a user it’s simply irritating, but as a business owner it can seriously impact your sales and conversion rate. Improving your website’s speed can differentiate you from your competition, build customer loyalty and increase site traffic.

Differentiate Yourself From the Competition

An optimized site that works efficiently can do more than just raise your rank on Google, Bing or Yahoo. Sites that load very quickly are more likely to have a better PageRank, therefore, increase traffic. To make sure your site is as effective as possible, there are two things you must do. To start, select a good hosting provider, as they will play a large impact on the speed of your website. Secondly, choose a web design company that knows how to effectively optimize images for the web. The higher your traffic, the more differentiated you can be from your competition. Good traffic on a website also creates a better conversion tunnel. This in turn means more sales!

Building Customer Loyalty

You can have a great social media presence, great reviews and an excellent product but if the user experience is not up to par, your audience will go to your competitor. Making sure that your website is easy to navigate is important so that customers can find your product. Avoid adding too much content to your site or it will add to each page’s loading time. Designing your site with the customer in mind allows you to steer users toward a purchase.

How to Check Site Performance

The average business owner doesn’t have a digital marketing background, so it can be difficult to design a site based on best SEO practices. The best way to find problem areas on your site is to have it looked over by an SEO specialist to be professionally analyzed.

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